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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Post One

I love Central Kalimantan very much.
There are many beautiful things in here, such as: Forests, animals, and plants.
I feel very happy because there is not much smoke and polution, because there is still many trees and clean air. Also there is not much traffic.
In Central Kalimantan there is a famost animal, it is called Orang Utan.
Orang Utan lives in Central Kalimantan’s forest.

But, there is a large number of Orangutan is died, because of Burning forest that has happened in Central Borneo. But the better thing is there is a place where they help the orangutans who have lost their homes . It’s called BOS (Borneo Orangutan Survival).
So, sometimes when people find Orangutans, they should bring them to BOS, so they can help the Orangutan’s life.

Post Two

Person 2 :
 What Do you thing about the animal’s that live in Central Kalimantan’s forest if the forest is getting burned?

What do you think if it happend in front of your eyes? It’s really sad, right?
We can imagine it! It’s same as when we live in our house and someday our house is burned, where we will live. We will be a hopeless person.
The same as what Orang-utan’s feeling, they will be hopeless animals that lost their home. Not only will they have lost their homes, but they can die and their population become less and extinct.
So, if you don’t want it to happen, don’t burn our forest. Save our forest’s life, because many animals and plants are living in there, and they are very important for us.

By Jeany

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