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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Post one!
Central Kalimantan is the best!!! I love central Kalimantan very much.
There are so many thing that you can find in central Kalimantan. 
I feel sad when people burning the jungle in central Kalimantan, because it’s destroy the number of orangutans.
The government has tried to stop the burning jungle, but it won’t work because the people have no food or money to buy the food, they just depend on their plants that they plant in their garden to supply them with food.
But the good news is there is a place where they help the orangutans who lost their homes. It’s called BOS (Borneo Orangutans Survival). So if people find orangutans they can bring them to BOS, so BOS can keep them and look after them.    
Post two!
What is the effect of the burning season on the people who live in central Kalimantan? 
What do you think the effect of burning season?! The effect to our body is bad because of the smoke, and the smoke can make global warming. It’s also can destroy the population of orangutans, and destroy the jungle of central Kalimantan.
What do you feel? Youou feel sad right? I feel sad to when people burning the jungle in central Kalimantan. 
By: Septian         

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