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Sunday, May 22, 2011

I enjoy living in Central Kalimantan very much. There is so much rainforest and there are some amazing types of plants and animals. One of the animals that I like the most is orangutans, because they are amazing animals. There are some places where you can actually see orangutans up close.
There is also not very much pollution, because there are so many trees and not much traffic.
Although, lots of people are cutting and burning the forest to clear land to build more houses, or they want to replace it with palm oil trees. When they do this, it is not only bad for the environment but also bad for the animals that help spread the forest. When they burn, the smoke goes into the air and it’s bad for the people who live in the society.

Person 1: What can people do to stop the burning season?   
The burning season is very bad because it harms the environment by putting smoke in to the air. The people who burn the forest are usually the people who own land and want to clear the forest on it so that they can build stuff.
If people want to help stop the burning season, they could write letters to the government, or write letters in the local newspaper, telling the people how the burning season is harming the environment and the people. People could also do public education by holding public awareness campaigns for the people who live in the society.  For the people who own land, they could just stop burning their own land.

By : Levana

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