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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Poaching Extinct Animals in Central Kalimantan

    Central Borneo is an island with many kinds of beautiful animals that are real from this island. The famous animals from Central Borneo are Tingang bird and Orangutan.
Previously, there are many Tingang bird (hornbill birds) and Orangutan in Central Borneo, but now there are not many anymore. It is because of human act, sometimes human’s burn the forest that is home for the animals and the other is because of poaching animal.
    Poaching animal is the second act after burning the forest. Sometimes when burning season happened, many kinds of animals died especially Tingang birds and Orangutan’s and there are small amount of them that still live.
So, they use it for poaching them, because if they have success in catching them, then they will sell them and sometimes they kill the animals and they take the feather, head, or some of the animal’s body to make become clothes and others. Then they sell it to the other countries with the expensive price because Orangutan and Tingang bird are the famous animals that are real from Central Borneo, so they can become rich people when they do this, even though this is a bad way to get money.
    If this always happens, then the almost extinct animals such as Tingang bird and Orangutan will be extinct and there will be no more animals in Central Borneo, and there won’t be the famous animal anymore.
So, let’s stop poaching animal and lets the animals still life in our forest, because their life is our life too.

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