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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

About Central Kalimantan

Central Kalimantan is located in Borneo, Indonesia which is the third largest island in the world. The capital is Palangka Raya, and the population of the province is approximately 2,108,593 people.  It is located on the equator, and there is an eight month rainy season and a four month dry season.
Central Kalimantan has a lot of rain forest which is rich economically and environmentally. It produces rattan, resin and valuable timber such as Ulin and Meranti. The amount of land area in central Kalimantan is 153,800 km2. There are a lot of animals that live in the rainforests, for example orangutans, which are the main attraction for tourists.
Over the last years there has been a lot of rubber and palm oil plantation, which has destroyed a lot of the environment and the habitats of animals, but yet has brought a lot of money and jobs for the locals. The soil is mainly sand and peat swamp, and different types of forests grow on different soils.
 The rivers in Kalimantan are very important for the locals, because the indigenes people of Kalimantan called the Dayak’s live on the river and supplies them with food and water. There are two main rivers in central Kalimantan, called the Kahayan River and the Barito River.
Palangka Raya is located on the Kahayan River which is 600 km long and it starts in the mountain in the centre of the province, and meanders down to the south coast on the java sea. The Barito River is also another major river in central Kalimantan, and it is 890 km long.

By Levana

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